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My Dead Flowers...
My Dead Flowers

My Dead Flowers
My Dead Flowers
Have blossomed again...
Who will tell me,where we slide?
The world is bogged down in violence
The lie on eyes becomes the truth
Weak rubbishs fence in force
Can it is fast this fuckin world will fail on a bottom
The role will develop in the present life
Struggle while you have not killed
You see all the same you soon should DIE...

So it is terrible
Torments time of the broken dream
All the same all it is indifferent
On hands dry flowers freeZe...

We live in fear for the life
We glorify rage
We resist to freedom
But there can be it who that and is pleased
Tears souls wander on a surface of the ground
Life can be characterized in a word:
You should die...
Resist to platitude while she
You has not overflowed FOREVER...

Having only beaten off from bad intentions,
Insignificant people
You will see blood which flows down from roofs of houses
Shout in darkness
Declare that you are alive
Also that anything any more will not change you
Be itself...

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конечно песня на английском это круто
кто вам переводит тексты, давайте колитесь?

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